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EXCLUSIVE: Gruesome Murder Scene in Mexico Has Ties To Midland

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A gruesome murder in Mexico with ties to the Basin. Nine bodies, some dismembered were found in an SUV with Texas license plates. NewsWest 9 did some digging and turns out the license plate is registered in Midland.

The Tamaulipas State Attorney General's Office confirmed nine male bodies were found stuffed in a vehicle, left on the side of road near Ciudad Victoria on Easter Sunday. Officials say most of the victims had been dismembered. But that's not the most shocking fact that the Mexican authorities released. They released the tag number of the vehicle where the bodies were found. A gray GMC Yukon with a Texas license plate traced back to Midland. 

"But at the end of the day this is the kind of secondary crime that bad guys are using that help facilitate the shipment of drugs across the country," Fred Burton, Vice President for Stratfor, a global intelligence agency based out of Austin, said. "We are seeing trending that the bulk of the auto theft that are taking place in Texas do show up South of the border."

"In essence whenever you have a Texas license plate or any U.S. license plate that is recovered in connection to any kind of crime that takes place Specifically let's say in Mexico, what happens is U.S. law enforcement is engaged with the investigation of the owner of that vehicle to try to determine whether or not, one was the vehicle stolen, if so, when, or two, is the occupant potentially a victim or how did that vehicle get there," Burton said. 
Midland Police confirmed there's no stolen vehicle report filed associated with the tag numbers. NewsWest 9 went to knock on the door at the home where the license plate was registered to ask why that vehicle was found at a crime scene in Mexico. However no one answered the door so we gave them a call. No one answered our call nor was there a voicemail set up. 

Both the Zetas and the Gulf drug cartels operate in Tamaulipas. Mexican authorities did not say whether there was any evidence of those groups being involved in the killings. The bodies have not been identified and were sent to the medical examiner office in Tamaulipas for forensic analysis.

There have been 25 homicides in Mexico just last month and was considered the most deadly so far.

NewsWest 9 has the name of the person that the vehicle belongs to, however, we won't say who it is until we have their side of the story. 

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