Video Cameras Catch Dog Tossed Over Odessa Humane Society Fence

Video Cameras Catch Dog Tossed Over Odessa Humane Society Fence

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A six-week-old puppy was tossed over a tall fence at the Odessa Humane Society last week. Now they're hoping the public can help them find out who did it.

The puppy wasn't seriously injured but we're told the animal appeared to be starving.

The signs are posted in plain sight at the Humane Society. It's illegal to dump animals on the property but that didn't stop someone from throwing the puppy over the fence.

"That's all lit up out there," Dale Nesmith, with the Odessa Humane Society, said. "He just dropped it over the fence right by the sign."

It's black and white surveillance video but volunteers at the rescue shelter hope someone can recognize the person who's in it.

Cameras recorded a white truck pulling onto the property. A man throws a blanket over the six foot fence and then he throws the six-week-old puppy over the fence.

"They think an animal doesn't have feelings but that could've injured that puppy, it could've broken it's legs and it could've killed it," Nesmith said.

Luckily, the Red-Heeler mix wasn't badly hurt but Nesmith said their new four-legged-friend did show signs of starvation.

"To me, it's someone who just doesn't have feelings for an animal and could care less," Nesmith said.

It's been about a year since a dog was last dumped at the shelter. Cameras were installed specifically for this reason.

"We turn them down every day," Nesmith said. "I have turned down probably 15-20 dogs this morning. There's no way we can handle all of it but we do our best and what we can. Our capacity runs about 160 and we're at 145 right now."

The pup doesn't have a name yet but he's playful, loving and recovering well. He's looking for a good home to take him in.

The puppy will be up for adoption very soon but if you have any information on who might've dumped him, you're asked to call the Ector County Sheriff's Office.

To see the full surveillance video clip, you can visit the Odessa Humane Society's Facebook page.