Bus Crashes Into Odessa Woman's Home, Says She "Dodged Death"

Bus Crashes Into Odessa Woman's Home, Says She "Dodged Death"

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- An Odessa woman says she feels lucky to be alive right now. On Thursday afternoon, an Ector County ISD school bus crashed into her home, while she was asleep in her bed.

NewsWest 9 met up with the homeowner and her family on Friday. They're still devastated by what happened.

"I just heard this crash and when I opened my eyes I saw all this debris flying at me but at the same time I saw the front end of this bus coming towards my head," Karren said.

A school bus full of 20 students flew into her bedroom. This, after a truck ran a stop sign at the intersection of 14th Street and N. Adams and collided with the bus, which caused enough momentum to send that bus straight into David's front yard.

Karren's mother, Betty David, lives next in the house next door.

"I heard this awful boom and it sounded like a bomb was going off," Betty said.

"I totally dodged dead," Karren said.

Karren walked away without a scratch. However, four students who were on the bus and three people who were in the pickup were treated for minor injuries.

Betty David says it's a miracle everyone is ok.

"There were angels all around us over here," Betty said.

Karren is now missing a bedroom wall and a laundry room wall. Her yard is covered with broken glass, scraps of wood and pieces of roofing. There is alot of clean up and repair in the future.

"We're just going to take it day by day," Betty said.

For now, Karren will live in her mother's house.

To help Karren and her family out, email them at lighttower032813@yahoo.com or call them at (432) 360-2417.