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Odessa Woman's Home Demolished After Bus Crash

by Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - It was a terrifying experience for everyone involved, but for Karren Davids, the woman who lives in the home that the bus crashed into, it was literally an awakening.

"I tried to get to her but I couldn't, so finally she came out and she was coming to my house and she was screaming," her mother, Betty Davids, said.

The crash happened on Thursday around noon on 14th and Adams in Odessa.

"The dodge pickup ran the stop sign, collided into the bus. The momentum from that crash caused the bus to run into this house," Sgt. Sherri Carruth, with the Odessa Police Department, said.

The bus crashed into the wall of Karren Davids' bedroom, where she was laying down.

"That's in her bedroom, and all of this debris was on top of her bed, and she was in her bed," Betty said.

The bus was carrying about 20 Odessa High School Students. Four of the students had minor injuries and were taken to the hospital. The rest of the students were taken back to campus on another bus.

"The driver and passenger of the maroon pickup were also transported. I don't have a status of their injuries at this point," Sgt. Carruth said.

Now Davids just has to pick up the pieces of her home.

"Of course it caused extensive damage to the house, and (once you move it) you see what has it done to the structure," Sgt. Carruth said.

Davids' mother is just happy her daughter is safe.

"I just wanted to know if everyone was okay and what happened. Who hit who and who knocked into who," she said. "She's lucky, very very very lucky."
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