17-Year-Old Girl Witnesses Fatal Odessa Accident, Shares Her Thoughts With NewsWest 9

17-Year-Old Girl Witnesses Fatal Odessa Accident, Shares Her Thoughts With NewsWest 9

Devin Sanchez

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - 17-year-old Presley Miller drives from Odessa to Midland every morning for school, but on Tuesday she saw something no teenager should ever witness.

"Parts of the car were everywhere, it looked like and explosion had happened. There were just pieces everywhere," she said. "It keeps playing through my head, it won't go away, just the look in his face and that guy telling me not to leave him, that he was scared. "

Miller was right behind the accident on Loop 338 in Odessa that killed 56-year-old Fernando Portillo, 57-year-old Michael Vonesh and 34-year-old Jose Ponce.

"They just rolled out, they weren't even all the way in the lane. It just T-boned them and it just completely turned and they kept going. The impact was so hard, they were going 80 miles per hour," she said.

She said she immediately called 911.

"I saw three bodies laying on the floor. The first guy was blinking really fast, then it stopped and his pulse just quit," she said.

Still in shock, Miller told NewsWest 9 how she went to each of the men, to check on them while following the dispatcher's instructions.

"I had to check their pulse. I'm CPR certified and they asked if I could perform it and I said yes," she said.

And she choked up when she talked about the connection she made with Vonesh.

"He like grabbed my hand and was like don't leave me, I'm scared, I don't want to die," she said. "I just started bawling at the scene, they just told me to stay calm and keep him calm. So I just held his hand. I promised him I'd be back so I came back and stayed until the paramedics got there and held his hand."

She said this has shown her how precious life really is and hopes other people will start realizing that as well.

"It's ok if you're late, it's better than being on the side of the road. They're controlling everyone's lives in the car they're in. The driver of that van killed himself and two other people," she said.

To the families of the men who died in the crash, she said she wished she could've done more.

"I'm sorry I couldn't help them more, I tried," she sobbed. "We're praying for you and I'm really sorry."