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TXDOT: Street Light On the Way for Dangerous Odessa Intersection

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Three people are dead and four others were hospitalized after an accident in Odessa. The accident happened at the intersection of Yukon and East Loop 338.

This is not the first time this intersection has seen a fatal accident. Although TXDOT plans on installing a traffic light at that same intersection in 2016, they are working on other preventative measures to keep drivers safe on the roads.

"To put in a signal, we look at the number of cars that use the intersection, how heavy the traffic is, what the traffic is like on the crossing road, how long it takes to cross the road, so there are a lot of different factors that go into putting in a signal," Gene Powell with TXDOT said.

Powell says although they did get the approval for a traffic light at the intersection of Loop 338 and Yukon, signals are not always going to prevent an accident like the one that happened on Tuesday morning.

"We've had six accidents down in the past week, three of them people crossing the center line and three of them, people fail to yield right of way. There is not a lot of engineering that can prevent those kinds of mistakes," Powell said.  

He says the addition of the traffic light is not the only project they are working on. They are also looking into adding traffic signals at other busy intersections.

"We're working on plans that Highway 385 and Loop 338 on the north side of Odessa, we are working on plans to put a light in there. We've got a light coming in on Faudree and Eastridge Road," Powell said.  

Some plans even include expanding onto the Interstate.

"We have plans to put center line texturing and mobile strips on the side of the road on more than 500 miles of road in this district for the next couple of years. We're looking at putting wire in the medians along I-20 from West Odessa to east Midland," Powell said.  

In regard to lowering the speed on Loop 338, Powell says for now things will stay as they are.

"There's no plan right now to reduce the speed, speed limits are set at a safe speed in terms of what the traffic is actually doing and if somebody is deciding to ignore that rule then it does put others in danger," Powell said.

Overall, Powell says roadways are not the ones causing the crashes. It's the careless drivers that are behind the wheels of the cars. 

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