Odessa Man Accused of Getting Boy High on Drugs, Having Sex with Him

Odessa Man Accused of Getting Boy High on Drugs, Having Sex with Him
By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9
ODESSA-  An Odessa man wanted just a few months ago for a state charge of sexually assaulting a child is now in trouble with federal authorities. They're accusing him of making pornographic videos of that same child.

It was at the Texas Star Inn Apartments in Odessa where authorities say 55-year-old Richard Gonzales took full advantage of a boy, who is only 16 years-old.

Next door neighbor Chester Hollis says Gonzales always acted strangely and was overly emotional.
"He'd be sitting over there. He'd be laughing and all of a sudden he'd just bust out and start crying," Hollis said.

Yet, never did he think Gonzales was capable doing of what he's accused of. The 16 year-old is now safe, but will likely be shaken forever by the horrifying memories of what he was reportedly put through just a few months ago.

Odessa police arrested Gonzales back in January after discovering he may have been having sex with the boy, but Gonzales bonded out of jail the same day he was locked up.

Now, prosecutor Austin Berry says the U.S. Attorney's Office is slapping Gonzales with a federal charge, accusing him of making child pornography out of photos he allegedly snapped on his cell phone of that 16 year-old boy. 

Court documents paint a disturbing picture of what allegedly happened. Last fall, the boy reportedly ran away from home and took shelter with Gonzales, whom he knew from church. The criminal complaint claims the boy, "always thought he was a godly man."
Over the next four or so months, Gonzales reportedly took the boy down a very dark road, pressuring him into smoking marijuana, using synthetic drugs, watching pornography and even sniffing nail polish remover. All while, Gonzales was reportedly threatening the boy into having sex and snapping explicit photos of the boy.

One time, documents claim, the man even punched and bit the boy when he tried to leave the apartment.

Gonzales is now in federal custody, awaiting a grand jury's decision on whether or not to indict him.