New Changes Coming to Big Spring Airport

New Changes Coming to Big Spring Airport

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - More traffic on the roadways and now more traffic in the air, at least in the city of Big Spring.  Airport officials say the increase is due to the Cline Shale, which could potentially by the largest pocket of oil in the U.S.  

Both small and large aircraft are taking off daily from Big Spring Airport. Whether it's for business or pleasure, the airport is staying busy. According to James Little, Director of the Big Spring Airport, they expect to get even busier as the Cline Shale development gets underway.

"That will increase the activity that we see coming into the airport and part of that will be oilfield activity as well as routine traffic. We see alot of activity both vehicular activity as well as aircraft activity increasing in the future tied in with the oil boom that we are looking at," Little said.

Currently, the airport has 30 hangars which hold both small and large aircraft, but in the near future, they will be adding 15 additional hangars to their operation. They also plan to redo the terminal, however, that is not the only change coming to the airport.

"We are also putting in fuel tanks. We have approval working with TXDOT Aviation on putting in a new fuel tank farm to accommodate the airplanes we have coming in today and in the future," Little said.

According to Little, it's not only air traffic that's increasing, but also vehicle traffic.

"We are getting a lot of pipe that's being brought in and being hauled out by truck, but it's being brought in by rail and the hauled out by truck to the oilfield or to whoever needs the pipe so we got a lot of that. That's an indication of things to come," Little said.

With more air traffic coming to the Big Spring Airport, Little hopes Big Spring can continue to make a name for itself.