Hailey's Mom Suspects Ex-Boyfriend's Involvement in Teen's Disappearance

Hailey's Mom Suspects Ex-Boyfriend's Involvement in Teen's Disappearance

By Jen Kastner

NewsWest 9

Missing Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn's mother tells NewsWest 9 she is now suspicious that her ex-boyfriend had something to do with the little girl's disappearance. The news comes as speculation still looms over whether or not the human remains found Saturday in Scurry County are those of Hailey Dunn.

Mother Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins moved to Austin after the little girl went missing back in late December of 2010, but a lot has changed in their lives over the past few months. Billie tells told NewsWest 9, she ended the relationship, which he didn't take well.

"[He] started [calling] and harassing me and scaring me. I've just seen a darker side of him," Billie said.

She said that after they split, he moved back to his mother's house in Big Spring. We went to his mother's home looking to speak with Adkins. Family was inside the house but nobody would answer the door. Nearby neighbors claim Adkins went out-of-state a few months ago for work.

Meanwhile, they say his parents have been getting death threats in the mail and over the Internet. Neighbors also tell NewsWest 9, his mom and step dad are good, honest people and have been shattered by all of this.

Billie claims that lately she's been reflecting heavily on the past, and how strangely Shawn was acting those first few days after Hailey's disappearance.

"For instance, the main thing about him quitting his job and lying to me about it for a week, saying he had a job and then telling me he was fired when, in fact, he wasn't," she said.

Dunn also finds it suspicious that her ex-boyfriend, she claims, couldn't produce his coveralls, a type of work uniform, when a law enforcement requested them.

"The fact that he lied and said they were at work and we already know through video and through his boss that he didn't leave them at work. So, why are they hidden?" Dunn said.

She suspects he may know more about Hailey's whereabouts than what everyone originally thought.

Identification of the human remains found Saturday in Scurry County could put all this to rest, but unfortunately, an answer is still far off. Instead of reviewing dental records, investigators will have to review DNA, which is a two to three week process.

"[It's] really upsetting that we have to wait that long when we've been in shock and so upset since Sunday...finding out that there's been remains found and now we just have to stay in this state of limbo and not knowing for two or three more weeks," Dunn said.