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Alpine City Council Meeting Leads to War of Words Between Mayor, Council Member, City Attorney

By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

ALPINE -  It seems like every time there is a city council meeting in Alpine, new drama unfolds. This time, it was a heated argument between the mayor, a council member and the city attorney.

"The meetings, the way he conducts the meetings are absolutely horrendous," Council Member, Diana Asgeirsson, said.

Tuesday night's meeting reached new heights when Mayor Avinash Rangra, the city attorney and Asgeirsson became involved in a yelling match.

"The respect for one another is slowly diminishing and it's his fault," she said. "He shows favoritism to some members on city council that are on his corner. "

The meeting, which lasted until about 9 p.m., revealed the amount of the advances taken by city employees, had been paid back. The grand total reaching $24,000.

But things came to a head, Asgeirsson said, when Mayor Rangra disregarded her question.

"I posed a question, it was seconded, and he should've taken a vote, but he totally ignored me," she said.

That prompted involvement from the city attorney.

"Our attorney said to the mayor you are out of order, and he wouldn't even listen to our attorney," she said.

Asgeirsson told NewsWest 9, this chaos in the city never happened before Rangra took office.

"When he took office, everything just kind of...people are fighting. It's total chaos," she claimed.

The tension isn't reflecting well on the city.

"I'm very concerned, because there's so much that we could do for our community, and we're sitting here fighting over things that we shouldn't even be talking about," she said.

As far as her colleagues petition to recall Mayor Rangra, Asgeirsson said she backs councilman Carlos Lujan.

"At this point, I fully support the recall, because instead of going forward with the city, we're going backwards," she said.
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