Woman Robbed at Gunpoint at Midland Park Mall

Woman Robbed at Gunpoint at Midland Park Mall

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A shocking crime committed by a brazen thief has Midland police looking for a suspect.

On Saturday, a woman leaving Dillards at Midland Park Mall was robbed a gunpoint and it happened in broad daylight.

The victim told police a man came up to her car and kept her from shutting her door. The man then showed a handgun and demanded the woman's purse.

Police said the suspect grabbed the bag and told the woman to turn around until he left.

Although we may not hear of bold crimes like this happening often, self defense experts say thieves are looking for the next opportunity.

"We just let our guard down," Gaylene Stansbery, said. "As we walk outside, we get a little comfortable because we think Midland is a really safe town."

Stansbery teaches self defense and CHL classes at Defensive Solutions Gun Shop and Training Center in Midland.

Stansbery has a warning for criminals: She said more women are coming through her doors to learn how to protect themselves.

"They're not necessarily scared but they want to protect their homes, they want to protect themselves and they want to protect their children," Stansbery said.

She said both self defense and CHL classes are booking up weeks in advance.

There's also a new trend in the concealed handgun license class.

"Lately all of our classes are couples," Stansbery said. "Husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends."

The folks at Defensive Solutions say there are a bunch of easy things you can do to protect yourself if you're ever caught up in a situation like this.

"If he comes up behind you, turn your body while he has it and just slither away," Stansbery said. "Look around make sure you're seeing everything. Make sure people see you seeing them."