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Odessa Fitness Trainer Offering Free Classes for "Out of Shape" Officers

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - An Odessa fitness trainer is reaching out to local law enforcement officers about their health and he isn't afraid to be honest. He says he's tired of seeing public servants who are overweight but he's ready to help change that.

They're called to protect and serve but one master trainer in Odessa said he has concerns.

"How are you supposed to protect us if you can't run down the street?" Danny Zamarripa, said.

Zamarripa is the owner of local gym, Zamatheltics.

He said he's not going to sugar coat what he feels is a big issue for local patrol officers.

"Not all of them, but alot of them, and they know it as well, they're out of shape," Zamarripa said.

So now he's doing something about it. Zamarippa is offering free fitness classes at his gym for Odessa police officers.

He said he just wants to encourage public servants that it's never too late to hit the gym.

"Maybe when they joined they were in better shape and just over time it's gotten worse," Zamarripa said. "Honestly I just wanna help them out. It shouldn't be taken as rude or anything. I'm just trying to help."

According to the Odessa Police Department website, officer candidates must complete a half-mile run as a requirement for the police academy.

They must also be declared, in writing by health care providers, to be physically sound and free from any defect that could interfere with their duty.

NewsWest 9 asked Odessa Police for a comment. They say, "The City of Odessa provides a fitness center for all city employees including police officers for free. It is up to individual officers when and where they choose to work out."

Zamarripa said some people may not know where to start for a workout or they need a little motivation. He says he's here to help with that.

"As far as nutrition goes, I'll let them know about that as well," he said. "I can give them a fitness plan and they can go do it at their gym for free."

Zamarripa is no stranger to weight loss.

He's dropped 150 pounds and he said getting fit could benefit the city as a whole.

"If these police officers were in good shape and they looked like it and you can tell that they can perform better, I think a lot of people would be alot more scared or intimidated," he said.

He's already heard some feedback from potential clients.

"The sergeant of the DPS contacted me yesterday (Monday) and said he'd like more information on it. He's gonna come by and check it out and see what we can do," Zamarripa said. "I just want everyone to be healthy and capable of performing their duties."

If you're a law enforcement officer interested in the free classes, you can contact Zamarripa at Zamathletics@yahoo.com.

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