Hailey Dunn's Mother Speaks on Speculation of Body Found in Scurry County

Hailey Dunn's Mother Speaks on Speculation of Body Found in Scurry County

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

SCURRY COUNTY - There are growing speculation over human remains that were found in Scurry County over the weekend. Every time a body pops up, alot of people question if its Hailey Dunn. NewsWest 9 spoke with Hailey's mother about the discovery.

The mystery of determining what the gender could be of the remains found over the weekend will be the task at hand for the medical examiners office. A badly decomposed body was found on Saturday near Lake JB Thomas, about 45 minutes northwest of Colorado City. Speculation has already begun as to whether the body could belong to missing teen Hailey Dunn.

"What does get frustrating to me is, people who just say that they have inside knowledge when information they're putting out is completely wrong. It's aggravating when people just blatantly lie saying, they have inside knowledge or they have contacts. I know the FBI isn't talking to anybody outside of law enforcement besides me," Hailey's mother, Billie Dunn, said.

According to Dunn, a DNA test will not be done on the remains. Instead she said authorities will be comparing dental records for a faster result.

"They'll go ahead and let me know whether the dental records, hopefully, rule her out or God forbid, a match," Dunn said.

The Texas Rangers, the FBI and Scurry County Sheriff's office are investigating the case. A 32nd Judicial District Attorney's Criminal Investigation team were also on scene. They cover Mitchell County, which is the same county were Hailey went missing. Dunn says every time a body is found in these parts, she worries that it could possibly be her daughter.

"That pain is always there and every time a body is found, of course, I'm scared to death that it's her all the time. I'm looking for answers and closure but then, again when a body is found, I'm praying it's not her," Dunn said.

Hailey has been missing since December of 2010. Dunn says she still hopes her daughter is alive as she makes her way back to Snyder on Monday evening.

No word yet if the remains will be taken the medical examiners office in Lubbock or Tarrant County.