No Criminal Charges Will Be Filed Against Adoptive Parents

No Criminal Charges Will Be Filed Against Adoptive Parents

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

GARDENDALE- NewsWest 9 is continuing to follow the death of three year old Max Shatto. In a press conference held on Monday afternoon, District Attorney Bobby Bland announced that there will be no criminal charges for his adoptive parents, Laura and Alan Shatto.

That decision was made after a grand jury found no evidence to charge the parents in the child's death. That evidence was presented to the grand jury and Bland is calling it case closed.

According to Bland, part of the evidence presented were a number of interviews and information gathered both in Ector County and abroad. The grand jury returned with a decision that the three year old boy's death was accidental and the Shatto's had no involvement in the death.

Bland says, that in January the boy died after getting hit by a glider at his Gardendale home and because he was malnourished when he was just adopted from Russia. According to Bland, the child's body was under weight and couldn't withstand the force after getting hit and eventually bled to death.

His death has caused outraged in Russia and officials there accused the adopted mother of murdering Max.

"During a window, Miss Shatto had a bathroom emergency and left the children up to 10 minutes," Bland said. "In light of the circumstances, that was not sufficient to suggest negligent supervision. They have been cleared as criminal liability."

Autopsy results show that the boy's bruises on his body were self inflicted because of his behavioral disorder. Texas Child Protective Services are still investigating this case on their own.

No word yet on their findings.