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Pit Bull Owners Work to Change Dogs' Reputation

By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - With this weeks pit bull attack, the breed and their owners, have come under fire, but one Odessa woman is working to change the dogs' reputation.

"Pit Bull is a term, its a generalized term. It's not actually a breed of dog, and there's so many different kinds, people don't identify them correctly," Julie Hall, who rescues Pits, said.

Hall says people have to take responsibility for their animals.

"It is not the dog, it is not the breed, it's the owner," she said. "Let's hold people accountable for their animals. The way parents should be accountable for their children and what they do."

She also wishes the stigma against the dogs would go away.

"It's like judging an entire race. If somebody of any race does something horrible, does that mean we eliminate the whole race? Does that mean everybody of that race is bad?," she asked.

Kalibe Knighten also advocates for the breeds of Pit bulls and thinks education is key.

"I think more people need to be educated about the breed before making ignorant comments," Knighten said.

But despite all the misconceptions, Hall still thinks the dogs involved in Monday's attack on Anna Salcido need to be taken care of, even if they weren't the dogs Salcido said they were.

"I don't believe it was those people's dogs, but the dogs who did it need to be put down. That's the responsible thing to do," she said. "This woman was doing nothing wrong. She has every right to walk down the street, her street, those dogs should've been fenced up, the owner should've been around."

Hall pleads with anyone who owns any type of dog to invest in their training.

"Look into a reputable dog trainer, if you don't know how to train your dog, look into that. It's worth its weight in gold to train your dog correctly," she said.
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