Turkish Businessmen Set Sights on Permian Basin

Turkish Businessmen Set Sights on Permian Basin

By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - For more than 10 years, a group of Turkish businessmen have been in West Texas, selling real estate, and watching the local economy, for the perfect opportunity to encourage others like themselves, to get over here and strike while the iron is hot.

"West Texas is growing and we know that 71% of the oil is coming from West Texas," Atilla Hafizoglu, Regional President of the Turkish American Federation, said. "The population of West Texas will keep growing, maybe triple in 10 years."

Atilla said he knows the Basin is in the middle of a housing crunch but he could have a solution.

"Turkey is the leading country in construction in the world. We hope to build homes and hotels," he said.

Odessa Mayor David Turner said this is great news.

"If we can partner with the Turkish company to build affordable apartments, maybe on the West or southside, it would help our community greatly," Turner said.

Mayor Turner also said while the Permian Basin stands to gain alot through this potential partnership, Turkey does as well.

"We can teach them a lot about the technology of oil drilling," he said. "Because, let's face it, this is the world's capital for oil and gas drilling."

Turkey's interest in the area could start a new trend.

"Our job is to be cheerleaders of the area, say 'Look at us. Come here. We need employees, we want your business,'" Turner said. "It's hopefully, just the beginning."