Pit Bull Owners Deny Their Dogs' Involvement in Vicious Attack of Odessa Woman

Pit Bull Owners Deny Their Dogs' Involvement in Vicious Attack of Odessa Woman

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- On Monday afternoon, a pack of pit bulls attacked an Odessa woman, tearing up her body and even breaking her arm. NewsWest 9 learned she was finally released from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon.

The family tells NewsWest 9 Animal Control notified them Thursday morning that criminal charges have not yet been filed. However, if law enforcement decides to do so, the family's 17 year-old son, Joshua Moore, could face six felony counts, one for each dog involved. Moore, we're told, was home during the attack and took responsibility for the pit bulls. Each count could carry a prison sentence of up to 20 years.

On Thursday, the family who owns the pit bulls accused of attacking the woman came forward to talk about their thoughts on the incident. They still don't actually believe their dogs are to blame.

Moore's mother, who wishes to remain nameless, told NewsWest 9, "I would do anything for this woman if she would just talk to us and let us know what happened because I don't believe that these dogs did this. [However], if they did, I am so sorry. So sorry. I would do everything to take it back."

The family is still not convinced that it was actually their pit bulls that so gruesomely attacked 54-year-old Anna Salcido, who was walking along West 10th Street in front of their trailer home when the incident occurred.

Family member, Xavier Sanchez tells NewsWest 9, "This lady says she gets attacked right here? I don't understand. My dogs have been here for three years. [Nothing has] ever happened. Nothing. Nobody's ever gotten attacked. Nobody's ever complained about my dogs chasing them down the street. Nothing."

Another family member, who also wanted to remain nameless says, "We don't train our dogs to attack people. We show our dogs love. We don't train dogs to fight."

The family is concerned that both law enforcement and the woman's stories are changing. The first press release issued reported four pit bulls attacked the woman. An updated press release issued on Wednesday reported that number had changed to six.

"It's not matching up," the family member, said.

The family claims their pit bulls were in the home when the attack occurred. They blame stray dogs who wander the neighborhood.

Regardless of who's to blame, everyone agrees that the situation is shocking.

"I would do anything to help her, to console her if she would let me and to let me talk to her if she would let me because I wouldn't wish this upon anybody, not even my worst enemy. I wouldn't wish this on anybody," the mother said.

All the dogs have been impounded and quarantined. The family tells NewsWest 9 they've signed the rights over on three of the dogs and are planning to do with same with the other three.

Sgt. Sherrie Carruth with Odessa Police Department tells NewsWest 9, Animal Control has been called out to the house in the past. A list of previous calls are below:

01/23/13: Complainant was cornered by several dogs. The owner was issued 12 citations.

2/16/13: Animal running loose. One pit bull was picked up and taken to Animal Control. Owner was issued citation. Dog returned to owner.

12/7/2012: Received call as a stray animal but learned it was one of the pit bulls. Dogs were not loose when Animal Control arrived.

8/23/2012: Call by the owner of the dogs. Mother wanting four of the dogs turned over to Animal Control. Mother was not on premise when Animal Control arrived.

08/14/2012: Call of pit bulls running loose. When Animal Control arrived, the dogs were back on the property.