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Tax Glitch Affecting Basin Returns

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Tax troubles more than half a million people. The nation's largest tax preparer admits it made a mistake related to Form 8863. That's the educational tax credit whose customers filed between February 14 and February 22. The delays are also affecting folks here in the Basin.

"It's still frustrating because you work all year, for your money," Tommye Collins, a resident whose refund is delayed, said.

Collins is studying cosmetology at Odessa College. She like many claimed educational credits on her tax return form and turned it in on February 14 with H&R Block. She was suppose to get that return within 21 days but she never received it.

"21, 22 days and we started getting a little concern," Collins said.

She later found out there had been a glitch on H&R Block's system regarding the student tax credit form 8863. H&R Block says the filing problem impacts some 600,000 customers who filed between February 14th and February 22nd. The IRS says they'll continue to process affected returns but those returns will be delayed because of the process necessary to correct the errors.

A delay Collins says that not only pushed back paying her bills but also a financial concern as well.

"Our budget is tight, it's not unmanageable, but it's tight. It would be better if I could pay off a few of my expenses, that would free up some of my monthly working capital. But we'll still be on tight budget for a while," Collins said.

The delay in refunds could take up to six weeks and that is creating concern among college students applying for financial aid, which requires tax information. Collins says she probably won't be using H&R Block for future tax filings.

"They charged us, quite a bit of money to prepare that return and it was messed up. I think a partial refund would be in order. If not a full refund, depending on how long it takes to get the return," Collins said. 

So far, H&R Block has not said whether it plans to offer rebates or other compensation to those filers impacted.

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