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Texas NRA Leader Makes a Stop in the Permian Basin

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- On Wednesday, the Texas leader of the National Rifle Association made a stop in the Permian Basin. George Pond was brought in to speak at the Midland County Republican Women's luncheon that was held at the Petroleum Club.

Pond is a fierce opponent of the presidential administration's proposed order to ban certain types of weapons, claiming it would be a violation of civil rights.

"That's because the right to bear arms is a civil, natural right," Pond said. "The [presidential administration] thinks that they can wear us down but it just can't do it. The second amendment is probably more important today than it has ever been in our history."

Midland County Republican Women's Rhonda Lacy tells NewsWest 9, "I think it's very important to have the NRA [come] here. The second amendment is something that West Texans are so concerned about protecting. I know we had a horrible incident in the [Newtown] but I think there's so much more to look at instead of taking away gun rights."

"The average age of the NRA right now is 55 years-old and it's typically a white guy with white hair," Pond said.

However, he says that's changing.

"Women are becoming the most important membership [group] that we can have in the NRA today. It's actually the fastest growing demographic [right now] in the NRA," Pond said. 

Pond also says that that women are the fastest growing population within the state to acquire licenses for concealed handguns.

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