Daughter-In-Law of Woman Mauled By Pit Bulls Speaks Out

By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - 54-year-old Anna Marie Salcido is still recovering at Medical Center Hospital after being viciously attacked by four pit bulls on Monday afternoon.

"She's doing a lot better, compared to how I saw her yesterday," her daughter-in-law, Blanca Garcia, said.

Salcido was mauled on her legs and her arms and even has broken bones.

"They tore one of her muscles, tendons. It's attached but just a little. She has one on her arms, the bone is broken, from the attack," Garcia said.

Sgt. Sherrie Carruth with Odessa Police Department said this isn't the first time animal control had been called out.

"I think it may have been several times they were called out there," Carruth said.

Which proved frustrating to Garcia.

"The sheriff's have dealt with them before, do something, it's time to do something about it," she said. "School kids could've been around and the owners don't seem to care."