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EXCLUSIVE: Couple Forced Out of Home Due to Pipeline Failure

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A West Odessa couple has been forced out of their home. They say this happened after a crude oil pipeline failed, flooding their property.

The couple claims they've been left waiting for answers.

Elizabeth Perales and her husband have lived in their West Odessa home for a couple of years but now they're packing up with no clear idea of where they're headed.

Last Thursday, a crew working for oil company Centurion Pipeline was working near the Perales home, just off of West 24th Street.

"We got a call from our neighbor that something happened at the house and when we got there, everything was flooded with black water," Elizabeth said. 

Elizabeth told NewsWest 9 she was told by her neighbor that a line had ruptured but it wasn't clear what type of line.

NewsWest 9 spoke with her neighbor. He didn't want to speak on camera but he said he heard a loud boom that shook his house. Then came the discolored water.

"A little bit later, the firefighters came out with their masks and everything and it scared us because we thought it was something dangerous," Elizabeth said. "Our trailer was the most affected one. Our house got completely flooded. The rest only saw it in their front yards. Just imagine our trailer was like in the middle of a river."

Elizabeth and some of her neighbors stayed in a hotel for the next few days.

But now that stay is turning into something more.

She said Centurion officials told her they need to move her trailer to clean up anything left behind from the ruptured pipe, but not much else.

"No they haven't told us anything, they just told us it's not dangerous but you have to leave," Elizabeth said.

NewsWest 9 asked clean-up crews at the scene if they could tell us more about what happened but they couldn't comment.

Centurion officials did release a statement saying, "On March seventh, during a routine test for mechanical integrity, an 18-inch underground crude oil pipeline operated by Centurion Pipeline L.P. failed, resulting in the release of water used during testing in a residential community of West Odessa, Texas. The release was quickly contained and the pipeline was repaired."

They go onto say, "final work to lay new sod in the area is expected to be completed this week."

Meanwhile, Elizabeth said the company has offered to pay to move the trailer while crews continue cleaning.

The couple said this is also affecting their jobs. They sell roasted corn as a way to get by but all the boxes of corn on their land were ruined.

"It's hard cause we can't work because we lost all of our corn and I don't know what they are going to say or resolve," Elizabeth said, crying. "I told the company that I lost some valuables and they said the would come yesterday and they didn't come."

The couple is hoping for answers and peace of mind soon.

NewsWest 9 will continue to follow this story to see if Centurion plans to do anything else.

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