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Alpine Mayor Says City Councilman is Trying to Boot Him Out

By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

ALPINE - The game of dirt politics continues in Alpine as City Councilman Carlos Lujan plans to have Mayor Avinash Rangra recalled from his position. 

NewsWest 9 spoke to Mayor Rangra on the phone Thursday night about Councilman Lujan's plans.

Mayor Rangra said he is a man of character and he has always done what needs to be done to make his community better.

"I do not have a personal agenda. I have to do what the people elected me to do. I got to protect the public. My record speaks for itself. It's not a power thing for me," Rangra said. "The reason I ran, I believe the city of Alpine deserves much better and they will get good service from the elected officials up here, including myself."

This comes after a dramatic couple of weeks for Alpine City Government. Back in February, an explosive special meeting was adjourned, abruptly, much to the distress of citizens. That meeting was followed by a nearly six hour long meeting the next week, which revealed City Finance Director Ricky Chavez, wrote himself checks to the tune of $9,000. He has been asked to pay the money back immediately.

NewsWest 9 confirmed that back in 2005, the then City Councilman Rangra was indicted for violating the Texas Open Meetings Act. Rangra and a fellow council member sent e-mails to a few other members and discussed official business. Rangra was charged with conducting an illegal closed meeting but charges were later dropped.

Several calls were made to Councilman Lujan but were not returned.

We will continue to follow this story.
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