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Midland City Leaders Meet to Discuss Numerous Issues, Including Improving Traffic Problems

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Midland city leaders gathered on Wednesday for a retreat where they discussed many of the issues the city is facing. One of them is traffic. NewsWest 9 spoke with the city's transportation manager on how they plan to improve street conditions and congestion as Midland continues to grow.

The city says they have a plan to make things better. They're aware that the spike in population frustrates drivers, but are asking them to be patient as they continue to address the problem. It's a headache everyone deals with on a daily basis. The heavy traffic is starting to have an affect on the streets too. If you've lived in Midland for years, you've noticed a different feel when you get behind the wheel.

"It's terrible, a friend of mine said, we miss our small medium size convenient Midland," resident, Tonya Sutton, said.

"Hoping it gets better, we just don't like it," another resident told NewsWest 9.

"I think we're outgrowing our city is what I think is what's happening," resident, Kim Haring, said.

The city says solutions are on the way to minimize the bumper to bumper effect.

"We're extending some of the portions of the major arterials to the east and west. Also we'll be doing it to the north and south. That's what you do as the traffic, as the city grows, it doesn't stay in the existing area," City of Midland Transportation Manager, Gary Saunders, said.

As city leaders tackle the street conditions, due to the influx of traffic, drivers can expect to see construction signs to be placed all over town. Crews have already begun re-paving the major streets where most of the hustle and bustle happens in Midland. The work is being done in phases and includes Midland Drive, Midkiff, Wadley and Front streets.

Saunders says they're removing about two inches of the street's surface and re-paving it again.

"It stabilizes the roadway more. So that's what we're doing now and we're doing that city wide," Saunders said.

Saunders says once the major streets are finished, non major and residential streets will be getting attention as well. He says it'll all happen in due time.

"Be patient, and we're working on ways to calm it down," Saunders said.

The other phases of re-paving the streets are expected to begin in the Spring.

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