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Midland City Councilman Announces Possible Run for Mayor

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Leaders in the Tall City put their heads together on Wednesday to make plans for Midland's future.

Lots of big issues were discussed and now one of those leaders wants to be a part of that future but with a different title.

"If the mayor doesn't run for re-election then I will certainly throw my hat into the ring," Dist. Three Councilman, John James, said.

James is ready for a new challenge.

With issues, like water, housing and roads, James said the future of Midland is on his mind.

"I think it's gonna take some real creative leadership to address all those problems while also making sure we pay attention to taxes and keeping them as low as humanly possible," James said.

Current Mayor Wes Perry is very familiar with the challenges. All of them were discussed at their annual city council retreat.

"Biggest thing is probably traffic at this point and then all these needs for growth," Perry said. "You've got roads to build, parks to build, schools."

Mayor Perry wants to focus on the issues at hand so he hasn't made up his mind for a re-election campaign just yet.

"When you move into a campaign, you do spend alot of time and energy on that and I'm just not ready to dedicate that time and energy to that endeavor at this point," he said.

So for now, James is patiently waiting.

"If he decides to go that direction, then we continue to support him and if he decides not to seek re-election then I'm in," James said.

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