Ector County Now "Shaming" People Into Paying Up on Hot Checks

Ector County Now "Shaming" People Into Paying Up on Hot Checks

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY- Now, writing a bad check in Ector County could put you face to face with a whole new level of humiliation.

Ector County Attorney Scott Layh says, "There's probably hundreds of thousands of dollars, [maybe even] millions of dollars to be collected."

Layh has a new plan in the works to get that cash back into the right hands. Starting in mid-April, your name and possibly even your picture could be publicized throughout the streets of Odessa, if you're reluctant pay up.

The county will place the offenders' names and even images on billboards and in newspapers.

"We're not going to do it in the little print. We're going to do it big enough so that everyone can read it," Layh said.

Layh's also looking display names and faces on television.

"It kind of shames them into coming forward and taking care of it," Layh said.

The county attorney's office has never before put this strong of an emphasis on hot check collections.

"[Due to] our boom, we're seeing an increase in the use of checks again and so the numbers of hot checks are on the rise," Layh said.

Officials will scour the county in teams, looking for bad check writers at their homes and offices. If it's warranted, they'll make arrests on the spot.

To see how much you owe, call (432) 498-4150. We're told the county attorney's office is willing to set up payment plans with individuals.