Russians Question Credibility of Autopsy Report

Russians Question Credibility of Autopsy Report

By Devin Sanchez

NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - One day after Max Shatto's autopsy report was released, Russia said they are not buying it. They've asked the U.S. to provide Max's official autopsy documents and his passport.

District Attorney Bobby Bland said at a press conference on Friday that four doctors reviewed the autopsy report.

Russia's top investigative agency has opened their own investigation into the case. They're asking the U.S. to allow Russian investigators to take part in the probe.

"In the end, this happened here in Ector County. It's being handled by Ector County investigators and it will continue to be," Bland said.

We asked our Facebook what they think about Russia's claims. The opinions were mixed.

Mary Ann Cooper Permenter says, "I think to avoid any potential skepticism, there should have been a representative of the Russian government observe the autopsy. Then there would be no reason for them to question."

Garry-Kimberly Nielsen says, "They are absolutely not overstepping their boundaries, in my opinion. This child was adopted from there and Russia has every right to make sure that the child is taken care of. In this case, the child is deceased so I don't blame them for wanting to ensure that all details of this case are investigated."

But regardless of opinions, everyone can agree, the death of little Max is something no one wanted to see happen.

"It's the death of a child. Anytime you lose a child that's three years old, it's horrible for everyone involved," Bland said.