Death of Adopted Russian Boy Ruled "Accidental"

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Accidental, that was the announcement made at a press conference revealing the results of Max Shatto's autopsy.

"The cause of death was the laceration of the mesentery of the small bowel," Bland said.

That means the artery was cut somehow and Max bled to death internally.

Although the death was ruled accidental, someone could still face charges in the death.

"We need to look at all aspects of this, there are things that can be charged even in an accidental death," Bland said.

Bland says numerous doctors reviewed the results of the autopsy.

"Four of them board certified, two of them members of the forensic science committee of Texas," Bland said.

And for the reports that Shatto's mother fed him psychoactive drugs, "At the time of death there was no medication in the child's system. The toxicology results were negative across the board," Bland said.

NewsWest 9 asked if Russian officials had been informed of the autopsy results.

"I can't tell you what the Russians know or don't know," Bland said.

Bland did say this case has been challenging for everyone.

"There's nothing more tragic than the death of an innocent three year old child. Anytime you have that it's a sad situation,"

Bland also said Max suffered from a behavioral disorder where he would hit himself and that explains the bruising found on the boy's body.

NewsWest 9 also asked if Bland had spoken to the boy's parents and he said he had only talked to their attorney.

NewsWest 9 reached out to Shatto's attorney but they have yet to return our calls.