Business Owners From Turkey May Set Up Shop In Basin

Business Owners From Turkey May Set Up Shop In Basin

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - As the Permian Basin continues to grow with its key element that fuels it, it has now gained attention internationally. Businesses owners from the country of Turkey are now wanting a piece of the growth and wealth that the Basin has to offer.

Barrels of oil are being pumped out by the millions in the Permian Basin and the economic impact is certainly being felt. You don't have to go far to see the growth, as more and more businesses set up shop in the area. Now that growth has now peaked the interest of a Eurasian country.

"A delegation of Turkish businessmen came into town and called the chamber and asked if they could meet with us. They were really looking for opportunities to development businesses here and partner with already existing local businesses and develop as many trade opportunities as they possibly could," Nellwyn Barnett, Executive Vice President of Chamber Relations in Midland, said.

According to Barnett, they are mostly focused in aerospace and oil and gas.

"I do know that the natural gas, they are trying to trap that, and I know that is something the delegation from Turkey is something interested in. Their country is extremely interested in the export of that natural gas as much they can, in fact, their term was we'll take as much as you can sell us," Barnett said.

Barnett said their potential business in the Basin is welcomed. She says there's already some Turkish business owners here and have seen the opportunity. They are convincing more Turkish business owners to move in.

"We told them about some of our needs, of course as Midland grows, we could certainly use more retail development, we could use more restaurant/tours, and of course, we are looking for more housing and hotel developments as well," Barnett said.

No contracts have been made and the chamber says there's still a lot to talk about before anything is finalized. The idea will be discussed between Midland and Odessa city leaders along with the Texas Turkish American Chamber of Commerce on March 19.