Odessa Meals on Wheels Speaks Up About Federal Budget Cut Concerns

Odessa Meals on Wheels Speaks Up About Federal Budget Cut Concerns

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Nationally, Meals on Wheels is bracing itself for a slash in federal funding if the forced budget cuts kick in at the end of the week. On Wednesday, the Odessa Meals on Wheels spoke out about the concerns.

Odessa Executive Director, Margaret Burton, tells NewsWest 9, their office receives roughly half of their funding from federal dollars, and right now, every penny counts.

"Ector County is growing older in population and so the need is going to get greater," Burton said.

Every day, the Odessa office needs 30 volunteer drivers to deliver 300 meals across the county.

Meals on Wheels locations around the nation are gearing up to slash thousands of meals from their menus, but in Odessa, the outlook is far more positive.

"West Texans have always looked after each other. We're the free spirits out here. Odessans have been very, very good to this organization," Burton said.

The Odessa office's optimism also stems from the good economy in West Texas.

Volunteer, Jim Jordan, tells NewsWest 9, "I think the community will [help]. I think it'll meet the burden or meet the shortage and we won't miss a beat."

The Odessa office says it'll push their fundraising a little more heavily than usual. If times really get tough, they'll put their faith in the good people of the Basin to step up to the challenge.