Man Facing Several Charges Including Indecency With Child

Man Facing Several Charges Including Indecency With Child

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

STANTON - A 14-year-old runaway from Big Spring has been found in Stanton at the home of her 20-year-old boyfriend. Although the man was not happy to see Sheriff's deputies, he did admit to hiding the teen but he confessed to much more.

"Very uncooperative, very combative the whole time, assaulting a peace officer, spitting on a officer. Terrible foul language, just a mess," Martin County Sheriff, John Woodward, said.

Woodward says it all started Friday evening when they arrived at a residence where it was believed a 14-year-old runaway teen was staying.

After talking with 20-year-old Dillan Luxton, they came to the conclusion that he was not only hiding the runaway, but he was also having an inappropriate relationship with her.

After Luxton was arrested, he was brought to the Martin County Jail, but due to some miscommunication between staff members, Luxton got away.

"Before he was able to be put in jail, he did run and was at large for about 30 minutes until we picked him up. There was some issues with the officers coming in and he was able to escape at that time but all those areas have been corrected," Woodward said.

Due to the fact that the runaway is a minor, the details in this case are limited. However Sheriff Woodward says the teen and Luxton began their relationship when she was only 13- years-old.

Luxton is now facing several charges including harboring a runaway child, indecency with a child, escaping from a controlled facility and assault on a peace officer.

"The indecency with a child obviously is a very serious charge but also escaping from a controlled facility usually is an automatic 15 year state charge," Woodward said.

Luxton is currently being held at the Howard County Detention Center. We're told that he is considered a flight risk. His bond has been set at $203,000.