Dog Sitter Discovers Animals Living in Horrible Conditions in Marfa

Dog Sitter Discovers Animals Living in Horrible Conditions in Marfa

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MARFA - It's a shocking case of animal abuse out of Marfa.

A dog sitter says he was more than happy to help his neighbor by looking after his dogs.

But it was when he stepped foot inside of the owner's home that he discovered a house of horrors.

Not only were a dozen dogs being hoarded inside the home, the conditions they were living in were unspeakable.

Tyler Spurgin contacted our newsroom on Tuesday and wanted to raise awareness of what's going on.

He says he agreed to help his neighbor out by watching his dogs.

But it wasn't until this weekend that Tyler and Lena Hill realized the living conditions inside were unspeakable.

Feces could be seen everywhere and a good chunk of it has even begun to decompose.

Tyler says there's very little space to feed the dogs and that they have been living in their own filth and waste.

Even worse, the dogs have been apparently killing each other off to survive.

Tyler says when he tried to let the dogs outside for a breath of fresh air, they wouldn't budge.

Hill says they contacted the animal control but was told they were out for the week on vacation.

Now they're hoping a local animal shelter will pick up some of the dogs.

NewsWest 9 called the Presidio County Sheriff regarding the situation.

We have yet to receive a call back.