Tumbleweeds Cover One Midland Home

Tumbleweeds Cover One Midland Home

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- The winds definitely packed a punch on Monday. Debris and damage could be seen everywhere. That's not unusual, but in Midland, something happened that had drivers slamming on the breaks and stopping to take pictures.

Wicked winds caused chaos throughout the Basin. From roofs flying off people's homes, a helicopter flipped upside down in Stanton and semis flipping over on Highway 20 in Martin County. One person even had to be pulled out of his truck with the use of the Jaws of Life.

But the most fascinating event that spread like wildfire was a picture of tumbleweeds piling up on a Midland home.

"My wife sends me a text message with the picture of the entire left side of our house here and it's just completely covered with tumbleweeds, most ridiculous thing I've ever seen," homeowner, Josh Pitman, said.

The winds blew all the tumble weeds, some even on the roof and wrapped around Pitman's house.

"I didn't even know this many tumbleweeds existed," Pitman said.

He spent most of his afternoon clearing it all.

"Basically you have to use a big something to push them out of the way. It's all I can do, it's taking me a while to get this far," Pitman said.

One side of his home is cleared but he still has lots to go, his backyard is also filled with them and no one can't get through. Pitman says he's pushing all of this mess into a ditch behind his house.

"I called the fire department and they said that since it was on my yard, it was considered yard waste and that I had to take care of it, they or the city wouldn't be able to do anything. So I figured, I got to do what I got to do," Pitman said.

He tore down his backyard fence to build a new one, not expecting to see the end result of a forcefully windy day. That fence might have protected him from all mother nature's tumble.

"You live here, the risks you take I guess. We're definitely in West Texas, where the wind blows," Pitman said.

Pitman said it'll probably take the rest of the week to clear all of those tumbleweeds.