Midland Man Setting Up "Church" Under Bridges, In Parking Lots for Area Homeless

Midland Man Setting Up "Church" Under Bridges, In Parking Lots for Area Homeless

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- West Texan Evan Rogers is planning to bring "church" to Midland's home population, wherever that may be.

"It could be off of the interstate, underneath a bridge, in an open field, in a parking lot it, or even by a park," Rogers said.

It's called Church Under the Bridge-Midland. The name is to be taken more as a concept, rather than taken literally, considering Midland doesn't have many bridges.

Several other major cities already the similar programs in place.

"Most of the time, [the Basin's homeless population] wants to go to church and they want to be a part of something but oftentimes they feel like they're not accepted because of their statuses in today's society. These are people, too. We often treat our animals alot better than we do our homeless population," Rogers said.

Rogers is planning to transform a flat bed trailer into a worship setting that can be driven to wherever it's needed. There won't be any walls or doors. All services will be held outside.

"We're meeting them where they're at, as opposed to bringing to where we're comfortable," Rogers said.

Participants don't have to be religious, either. People from all religious backgrounds, including nonbelievers, are invited. Free meals and clothes will be handed out prior to all services. No one will be required to stay after that.

The first service is scheduled to take place on May 4th but the location has not been finalized.

To track the group or volunteer, visit the Facebook page, "Church Under the Bridge Midland" or call Evan Rogers at (432) 664-5370.