Sheriff Talks to NewsWest 9 About Jailer Being Fired for Having Sex with Inmate

Sheriff Talks to NewsWest 9 About Jailer Being Fired for Having Sex with Inmate

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- On Friday, Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter sat down with NewsWest 9 to talk about the female jailer who admitted to sexual relations with an inmate inside of the county jail. NewsWest 9 wanted to know if any policies or procedures at the jail would change in light of the situation.

22 year-old Shaquela London has been charged with "improper sexual activity with someone in custody", which is a felony offense. Court documents show she admitted that the incident happened in a multi-purpose room in early January of 2013. According to the report, it was mid-December of 2012 when authorities were tipped off to the possible misconduct.

NewsWest 9 asked Sheriff Painter if he's disappointed. He said, "I expected more from that individual."

When we asked for his thoughts on the situation, and whether or not it made him angry, he simply responded with, "It happened."

He says he will not be changing any part of the jailer training program, secondary to this incident.

"People are trained. In their training, they receive information on the law. The law says you cannot have sex with an inmate. End of story. I cannot implant morals. I cannot implant personality. That's [all on] them," Painter said.

However, for some people, the news raises questions and concerns surrounding potential coercion an inmate may face in these situations or the possible breaches in security these relationships can cause.

John Maki is the Executive Director of the John Howard Association, a correctional facility watchdog group.

He says, "We see examples of inmates and prison guards having relationships and then the prison guards will essentially help the inmates escape and [it's not something that happens every day] but it certainly can happen."

Sheriff Painter tells NewsWest 9 there's been at least one other previous incident in his jail where an inmate had inappropriate relations with a jailer.