Big Spring Mayoral Candidate Speaks With NewsWest 9

Big Spring Mayoral Candidate Speaks With NewsWest 9

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - The May elections are more than two months away and so far only one candidate is running for mayor in Big Spring.  NewsWest 9 spoke with Larry McLellan about what he wants to accomplish if he wins the position.

Larry McLellan is a North Carolina native, he has been living in Big Spring for over 25 years. McLellan is no stranger to community involvement. In fact, he is the former President of the Economic Development Corporation and also served as a member of the school board.

McLelland says the reasons he wants to run for mayor have nothing to do with current Mayor Tommy Duncan not wanting to serve another term.

"There's some changes that I felt like some changes should've been and I wanted to get involved in doing some of the things like that. I was pretty well set on throwing my hat in the ring early on," McLellan said.

If he is elected mayor, one of the first issues he will face will be the possibility of a nuclear waste site being built in Howard County. When asked about his stance on the project, McLellan says there are many factors to consider.

"That's a tough decision. You know what appears to be a great deal, it might come back and hurt you," McLellan said.

He says he has already thought about some of the bigger issues he would be taking on if elected. He believes there is so much do in Big Spring that there is simply no time to waste.

"I think workforce would be a priority and also looking at the infrastructure and getting a plan on where we should prioritize the infrastructure," McLellan said.

NewsWest 9 contacted the Howard County Elections Administration Office and they said that next Friday is the deadline for anyone who is interested in running for office.