Greenwood Woman Suffers Heart Attack After Cruise on Carnival Triumph

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

GREENWOOD - She survived being stuck on the Carnival cruise ship Triumph, but the anxiety didn't end there for one West Texas woman. No sooner had she returned from the ill-fated cruise then she had to head to the hospital.

A voyage that was supposed to celebrate Steve and Mary Olive's 40 years of marriage turned to quite an event when Carnival's Triumph cruise line suffered a mishap. But the couple's troubles didn't end there.

Mary has high blood pressure and took sufficient medicine to last for the duration of the trip, not expecting the long delay at sea. Once she got back into town, she suffered a mild heart attack.

"On Friday night, we came home and we thought everything was fine. I just had a rapid heart beat and it scared me," Olive said.

Olive says she also had pain going down her arms and was rushed to the emergency room.

"Stayed the night, Friday night and well they released me Saturday. I'm fine now I'm back on my medication. It's just due to not having it for so long, my system kind of didn't like that," Olive said.

On Tuesday morning, she says she got a phone call from the cruise line office out of Miami, just to check if they made it back home ok and to see if there were any other problems.

"I did tell them about me going into the hospital, but that I am ok. But I just wanted them to be aware that I did have a bit of an issue with that. But it was my fault, should have packed the medicine, but I didn't," Olive said.

They don't plan on suing the cruise line because they don't believe it's the right thing to do. She says the staff on the ship kept them as informed as they needed to be and were attentive to their needs. But with all that she went through, she still has a sense of humor and even referenced the Titanic movie during our interview.

"Oh yea, the scene with the couple in bed, going down with the boat, it wasn't going to happen with us," Olive said.

Olive said she'll take extra medication on her next trip, and by the way, she says she does plan to take Carnival up on their free cruise offer.