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Several Basin Gas Stations Report No Gas at the Pump

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NewsWest 9

No gas at the pump. That's left several West Texans wondering what exactly is going on.

Out of gas signs have been seen throughout Crane, McCamey, Rankin and a few Midland stations.

NewsWest 9 spoke to one gas station manager in Crane who said they haven't had gas in three days.

None of the gas stations could explain what was going on except that fuel trucks have been getting slower with their deliveries.

"They want to know where their gas is and we have no answers, bunch of people are really mad at everybody because we're not getting our deliveries," Crane Chevron Employee, Christi Smith, said.

NewsWest 9 is still working to find out why there's such a delay.

But as we were rolling our cameras on Friday night, we actually saw two fuel trucks pull into two separate gas stations.

That was immediately followed by several cars filling the pumps.

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