NewsWest 9 Speaks With Permian Basin Residents Who Were On Board Carnival Triumph

NewsWest 9 Speaks With Permian Basin Residents Who Were On Board Carnival Triumph

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN- NewsWest 9 was able to speak to a local couple who have been stranded on the Carnival Triumph cruise ship for days at sea. The ship finally docked Thursday night, however almost a week of nightmares for folks on board.

"The smell on and around the bathrooms where its public bathrooms is pretty bad," Steve Olive, a passenger who was on board, who is from Greenwood, said.

Steve and Mary Olive have been stranded for four days on the ship after it was crippled by an engine-room fire in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

"It's been a rough four days, especially at night when with no electricity and not being able to contact my daughter and my son," Mary said.

Also stranded were two workers from Saint Joseph's Home Health in Midland, Gail Blevins and Greta Olivier. They were on the ship as part of a reward for their service while working at their company. However their colleagues were anxious and worried. For the first time Thursday, they were able to get in touch with their coworkers.

"Very hot, food is being brought to us via a helicopter, but it's been sandwiches and she said the sandwiches were cucumbers and tomatoes, very limited meat at all," St. Joseph's Administrator, Delma Chavez, said.

Conditions on board were miserable and folks had to deal with sewage, food shortages and no circulating air.

"It's been unbelievable how people have pitched in and helped move things around, they've put sheets and built shade to help with the sun. A lot of the folks on the lower four decks had to camp out nightly, basically they created them a shade and a shelter and put mattresses under the shades and they've been in there for days," Olive said.