Family Involved in Late Night Fire in Midland County Are Not Happy With Responders

Family Involved in Late Night Fire in Midland County Are Not Happy With Responders

By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - A fire, which was caused by a heat lamp, was called in around 10:30 p.m.  Wednesday night. Both Midland and Odessa fire crews responded but the family said they had to make multiple calls before someone showed up to help.

"I called 911 but they were debating if it was between Ector County and Midland County so we kept calling until we got somebody out here," Devin Campbell said.

The Campbell's live on West County Road 123 in Midland County, right near the border of the Odessa city limits. Campbell's mother, Donya, said this confusion is common for the area.

"Anytime you call the cops or 911 or anything, they never know who's coming to this area," Donya said.

David Hickman, Assistant Fire Marshal for Midland Fire Department told NewsWest 9, Midland is responsible.

"We are the primary responder to all incidents in Midland County, even those that are closer to Odessa," he said.

Odessa Fire Department did have a unit respond but only because Midland requested it.

"As they (Midland) responded, they called for mutual aid, which is where we go and help them," Kavin Tinney, Battalion Chief for Odessa Fire Department, said.

But the Campbell's think both cities need to be more clear on who responds where.

"They need to figure out what area this is and have it under control," Donya said. "I drove from Dixie to here and I was here before the fire trucks were."

Hickman said the response time was rather fast, considering the location of the fire.

"Our response time to that incident in the county was approximately 14 minutes, which is normal for that distance," he said.

The Campbell's are staying with family for the time being.