Mayor Tommy Duncan Pleased To Have Served Only One Term

Mayor Tommy Duncan Pleased To Have Served Only One Term

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Recently, Big Spring Mayor Tommy Duncan announced that he would not seek another term in office. Some have questioned whether that decision was tied to accusations regarding illegal campaign contributions.

Mayor Duncan is pleased to have served Crossroad Residents for the last three years. He says from the beginning his intention was to serve only one term. Although he was able to accomplish many items on his agenda in just a short period of time, Duncan says he could not have done it without Big Spring residents voting the way they did on important issues.

"They voted to restrict council and mayors terms, vote on whether they wanted to fund a complete rebuild of the waste water and treatment plants, and third, we allowed them to vote on whether they wanted to maintain a type "A" Economic Development Corporation," Duncan said.

NewsWest 9 asked Mayor Duncan if his decision on not running for another term was based on a complaint filed against him by the Texas Ethics Commission. In the complaint, he was accused of illegally taking campaign contributions, but according to Duncan, he's now been cleared of any wrongdoing.

"The day before yesterday (Monday), I received a letter from the Ethics Committee Commission the State of Texas dismissing the complaint against me. The Ethics Commission indicated that they found no substantial evidence that indicated that I had violated any law or rule that was governed by the Ethics Commission," Duncan said.

Mayor Duncan says he has no regrets for anything he did during his time as mayor, but now it's time for Big Spring residents to choose a new leader. He encourages voters to evaluate each candidate and vote for whomever they feel will work toward the best interest of Big Spring and its residents.

"I think that it's very important that the city know who they are voting for and what that person stands for," Duncan said.

Mayor Duncan says after he steps down as mayor he plans to spend more time with his grandchildren and even hopes to make time to play golf every once in a while.