Man With Cross Walks His Way Through The Tall City

By Devin Sanchez

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A man, walking through Midland with a cross on Saturday afternoon, got quite a bit of attention from drivers.

He walked up Midland Drive to Wal-Mart to spread the gospel.

"We've actually been carrying the cross for 14 years, and our main mission is to go out and share the gospel wherever we go," Walter Masters said.

Masters has been making his way through the city since Wednesday. He said that himself and his cross are quite the travelers.

"We've gone all the way from here to Washington state, to Indiana to Florida," he said.

The cross that he made himself is ten by four and is pretty heavy.

"It's about 50 pounds, but God gives me the strength to carry it each and every day," he said.

He does this as his way of spreading the word of the Lord.

"We're just out sharing the love of Christ and the only way to do that for us, that God laid upon our heart, is to carry the cross," Masters said.

Masters said there are a few people who have decided to follow in his footsteps but that it isn't for everyone.
"There are a few young men who have decided to take up the cross, but it takes a lot of opportunity, you've got to lay down yourself and allow God to work through that," he said. "You have to give up everything that you wanted to do in life to follow Christ and a lot of people don't want to take on that burden."

Overall people in Midland have been receptive of him.

"Most people are waving and giving a thumbs up. There's always a few soreheads out there, but praise God, I just give God the glory," he said.

One woman who encountered Masters said she thinks what he is doing is great.

"I looked up and I see this really awesome cross and he was handing out his little cards saying why Jesus loves you," Rebekah Rutherford said. "It helps spread the word and helps encourage people that don't know about the Lord."

Masters will continue to walk in Midland until Tuesday then plans to go south.

"Our next mission is to go down to South Padre Island and share the gospel with the kids there on spring break," he said.