Woman Living With Raw Sewage Given Eviction Notice For Speaking Up

By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Recently, NewsWest 9 introduced you to Davonia Davidson, the woman living in filth, at an Odessa mobile home.

"My house is probably not up to code with the housing authority at all," Davidson said.

For the past few months, Davidson has lived with raw sewage in her backyard.

"My kids can't even play in the backyard because of the sewage going underneath the trailer. It's all in the back," she said.

A few days after she told NewsWest 9 about the problem, Davidson received a 10 day notice to vacate.

Davidson said she shouldn't be punished for bringing light to a disgusting and potentially dangerous living environment.

"We're tired of being run over, there's issues," she said.

NewsWest 9 spent most of Thursday trying to track down the manager of the mobile home park, Rory Valles, to get his side of the story. We went to his home and made several phone calls but we could never reach him. We also tried to contact the owner of the property, Ronald Thor, who lives in California. We didn't have any luck reaching him either. Davidson said this doesn't surprise her.

"He's a slum lord. He's never here, he comes when somebody's made him mad. That's the only time he comes around," she said.

Ector County filed a lawsuit against Thor but said he won't cooperate. Each day he's in violation, he's getting fines of up $25,000.

Davidson said she is not the only person that is having these problems. She said most of the people living at the park are dealing with the same thing, but after they saw what happened to her, they're afraid to speak up.