Local Organization Needs More Help Than Ever Before

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - "West Texas Diamonds In The Ruff" started back in August, their mission is to rescue animals that are neglected but now they are facing some road blocks themselves. That's after someone stole not only a dog and cat from the car of the founder of the organization but also money they had just raised from a recent fundraiser.

Deidra Lewis, founder of the organization, explained what their mission is.

"We help dogs that otherwise wouldn't get help, that need extreme vetting, those who might be sick," Lewis said.

The organization is fairly new but now Lewis says they need help themselves. A fundraiser that was held on Saturday was supposed to help pay for the vet bills of a rescued dog and to go toward the purchase dog and cat food but now all that is on hold. Although the food was purchased but Lewis told NewsWest 9 why the animals didn't see any of it.

"I was notified that somebody had opened up the van doors in Odessa by the Odessa Police Department and realized that there were things missing from the van after that," Lewis said.

Lewis says whoever committed the crime, came in through the back part of the van. They made their way all the way to the front part of the van and not only taking dog and cat food but also taking about $1,000.

According to Lewis, that without that money, it puts them in a tough situation.

"That puts a whole lot less money that could go towards helping other animals," Lewis said.

Although she doesn't know anyone who would want to steal dog or cat food, Lewis says they are finding ways to ensure all animals are being fed.

"We are working on ways to cover the cost of the missing food and the missing funds. The vet is willing to work with us," Lewis said.

The organization says they are not giving up hope. As a matter of fact, they have another event scheduled already, which they believe they can raise the funds that were stolen from them.

"We have another bake sale scheduled and adoption event scheduled for this Saturday at Tractor Supply for the National Adoption Day and we are hoping to raise enough money to cover what was lost and replace the food and cover vet bills," Lewis said.

If you want to help this organization, click here.