Crane I.S.D. Beefing Up School Security

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

CRANE - The Crane school district is changing the way they keep students safe. Not only are some new safety measures already in place but even bigger changes could be on the way.

In a town where everybody knows everybody, it's hard to imagine a tragedy like the one in Connecticut happening in Crane.

But it can, so school officials are beefing up security to prevent it.

Crane I.S.D. Superintendent Larry Lee said the district plans to have some form of law enforcement presence on their three campuses.

"Police presence gives us some deterrent, I think it gives some peace of mind not only for our students and parents but for our staff and administration," Lee said.

Discussions are in the early stages but the district is looking at two options.

They've drafted a possible agreement that would bring in officers from the city or sheriff's office to guard the schools. The district is also talking about creating their own police department.

"It's just more of response time, someone being there and being close and ready to act on one of those things," Lee said.

One new safety measure is already in effect.

"We've changed the traffic patterns for our kids to make sure they're going out one door and that's inconvenient but it's just the way it is now," Lee said.

Students and visitors can only come in and out of school buildings through the main entrances but it could go further than that.

"We're talking about measures to close those down too just from a purpose of having to buzz before you get into the school," Lee said.

Putting radios in classrooms for teachers to communicate with one another is another possible addition.

Lee said these are all steps to slow down a perpetrator in any dangerous situation.

He's hoping to get something finalized by the end of the month.