Stanton Rap Artist with Considerable Following Faces Federal Accusations of Having Sex with a Minor

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- A Stanton rap artist is accused of luring a minor across state lines in order to engage in sexual activity with him. Charles Riley Martinez, known in the music world as "Ereez," made his initial appearance Friday morning at the Midland Federal Courthouse.

Martinez is charged in a criminal complaint with the following offenses; coercion and enticement of a juvenile to engage in sexual activity and interstate transportation of a juvenile to engage in sexual activity.

In the complaint, the 28-year-old admits that he engaged in sexual activity with a girl who had just turned 16 years-old, and they met through the Internet as it relates to his music career.

On his Facebook page, Martinez publicly displays pictures from his most recent performance at Stanton's Old Sorehead Trade Days. He only has roughly 1,100 "likes" on Facebook but several thousand people have watched his posted videos on his website. In one video entitled, "To the Children- Hold On," he raps about lifting up our struggling youth.

NewsWest 9 also discovered an interview with Martinez in article from an online magazine which reads, in part:

Interviewer: "What charities are you involved with [or do] you support?"

Ereez: "We have so much to fix here in our own country and of course children are the future. The [ones] who have it the hardest are those without parents. They don't have that individual guidance and nurturing that they need."

It raises the question, what does he believe nurturing children entails?

The criminal complaint details how law enforcement was tipped off about Martinez by another suspected sex offender who had been having inappropriate relations with that same 16-year-old girl. The suspect claimed Martinez visited her in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in an effort to entice her to return to Texas with him. The suspects also reported that the girl's mother was onboard with that idea because "it would give her a fresh start in a new school." The suspect proceeded to tell authorities that Martinez and the girl came back to the Lone Star State together.

When authorities learned that, they told advised the mother to persuade her daughter to come back to Wisconsin. Otherwise, she'd face legal consequences for neglecting the girl. She then returned home.

Authorities then interviewed Martinez. He admitted he traveled out-of-state to have sex with her and then brought her back to Texas so they could continue their sexual relationship.

Just a week and a half ago, he posted on his Facebook, "'Judged by the content of their character,' [that's] a concept I put into practice every day." It is unknown to NewsWest 9 if Martinez knew, at the time, of the possible accusations he would be facing.

If convicted, he faces 10 years to life behind bars. He has a bond hearing scheduled for next Wednesday at the Midland Federal Courthouse.