Midlanders Weigh In During Lamesa Road Project Meeting

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Frustration rocked a community meeting regarding the Lamesa Road project in Midland. People who live nearby want something done quickly. But the city says it's going to take time to make sure it's done right. People who live along Lamesa Road mustered together on Thursday with Midland City officials expressing concern on when will that road get fixed.

"We're in phase two and three of the project. It's a five phase project. We finished the water line, we're going to start the side walks and the traffic signal replacement. After that we'll have the manhole and wastewater rehabilitation and then finally re-paving of Lamesa Road," City of Midland Engineer, David Beard, said.

Parts of the Lamesa Road corridor have been blocked off so that city engineers can start assessing the conditions under the pavement.

NewsWest 9 spoke to people along Lamesa Road and one resident says the construction is going to be very frustrating to her.

"I feel like they should of have done this long time ago," Ann Lang said.

Lang says she's been living along Lamesa Road for over 10 years and one of the pains living along the road is that they had to buy several tires last year.

"We get flats too, this is a bad, bad street, road I should say," Lang said.

She calls the City of Midland every so often regarding the road, she was also promised something that she really wanted in front of her house.

"By the way, the city promised me a sidewalk two years ago and I'm still waiting on it," Lang said.

Sidewalks are part of the plan and are supposed to start by Spring of this year. The big problem the city is facing of getting all this done is that most of the work force are heading over to the oilfields leaving contractors with a limited amount of manpower.

"So we have to coordinate work with contractors and their availability," Beard said. "When Lamesa Road is finished, it'll be a game changer."

Midland officials say if everything goes as planned, re-paving Lamesa Road will begin at the end of 2013 and roll over into 2014. People will be able to weigh in again on March seventh.