Big Bend Border Patrol Agents Seize Nearly Half-a-Million Dollars Worth of Drugs

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS - A huge drug bust by Border Patrol Agents with nearly a half million dollars worth of meth and heroine off Basin streets. It was bust after bust at the Sierra Blanca and Marfa Border Patrol checkpoints. In fact, the seizure at the Marfa checkpoint, one of the largest meth bust yet. The amount of drugs may be small but it's big blow for drug traffickers.

"To have these come through in pounds is significant for us," Big Bend Sector Public Affairs Officer, Rush Carter, said.

Border Patrol agents took into custody an illegal immigrant that was riding a commercial bus on Sunday. He was caught trying to smuggle crystal meth taped to their leg at the Sierra Blanca Checkpoint. The drugs were weighing in a little more than three pounds.

Later that day, a canine detected a 47-year-old man from California, who was riding another commercial bus, carrying more than four pounds of heroin. The total street value of $497,680.

"We've seen this type of narcotics frequently at the Sierra Blanca checkpoint, not in these quantities," Carter said.

One of the biggest busts happened at the Marfa checkpoint where their Border Patrol canine sniffed out eight and half pounds of crystal meth from a Buick. They were tucked away in the floor boards of the car.

"We've seen countless ways that they tried to allude detection, if we have success in detecting one way that their smuggling, they'll change and try something else. We've always got to be on our toes," Carter said.

The driver of that car was a 22-year-old woman from Indiana. The drugs she was carrying had a street value of $204,000.

"We can't say for sure what the origin is of them, but we do know is, each come out of the border zone," Carter said.

Carter said the Marfa seizures may have came out of the Presidio or Hidalgo border area while the others from Sierra Blanca possibly came from the El Paso-Juarez border zones. The individuals involved were arrested and the drugs seized were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration for further investigation.