Helping The Homeless In Odessa

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Every other Sunday, a local church prepares non-perishable meals and blankets to give out to those who live on the streets. They say it's part of their church's mission to touch the lives of those who are in need.

Sleeping bags and boxes full of food are handed out to those who are in need.

"This is just like Christmas to me, this is just wonderful," Dee Dixon, who is homeless, said.

Dixon has been coming to the Salvation Army for a year. She says this type of ministry from the Westview Church of God in West Odessa makes her feel wonderful and has appreciation to those who care for people who live on the streets.

"Oh yes, it makes me feel so good. A lot of people I have found out, try to take advantage, but this is so awesome, you know. It's so wonderful, I'm so grateful, so grateful," Dixon said.

The church goes out into the community and tends to the homeless by preparing bags of meals, clothing, water and blankets. Over a dozen youth participated in the experience.

"But what we can go out and what we can do for other people, and the difference we can make in the community that we're located in," participant, Beth Jones, said.

"Most days when we leave here, we go home and just have to stop and gather ourselves and just realize where we are at and be so thankful for the opportunity that the Lord allows us to be able to share to them," Pastor's wife, Barbara Jones, said.

At times, this is the only type of charity these people depend on, just to make it another day.

"Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus," Dixon said.