New Hobbs Police Chief Named

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, N.M. - There's a new police chief in the City of Hobbs, New Mexico but he's no stranger to the position. Interim Chief Chris McCall is now officially the city's top cop.

14 years of law enforcement experience is what McCall is bringing to the table at the department. Moving forward he hopes to be more transparent to the residents and to take down the drug trafficking problem in the city.

With a hand shake, it's a done deal for Chris McCall who now has been promoted to be the new Police Chief in Hobbs.

"I'm honored to be selected for this position. The people that was also in the process with me were all very strong candidates. I am very honored to be selected out that group of guys," McCall said.

McCall had been Interim Chief since the Fall of last year when JD Sanders was no longer with the department after an incident with a police officer at a public event. McCall worked his way up the ranks from an officer to now top cop. The Mayor says McCall shows the leadership that the title requires.

"It's an exciting day for us, I think it's a great time for our community. I think Chris is going to be integral to our continued success in Hobbs," Hobbs City Mayor, Sam Cobb, said.

Drug trafficking is a big problem in the city. McCall hopes to intervene in it, among other crimes, through a security consultant firm out of Massachusetts which will come down to Hobbs, access the city then give their analysis on how to combat crime in a superior way.

"They look at your resources, whether it be, video cameras or what kind of systems you have in place that support your officers. They create a command center, if you will, an intelligence center where you draw that information into a central location. We just started the initial planning phases on that. We're very excited to get their report back and see what their suggests are for our community," McCall said.

Traffic is another big item on the list. The new Police Chief plans to tackle the problems that comes with the influx of commuters with city officials.

"We got work to do with the law enforcement side as well as our traffic engineering department within this community on how we do that," Cobb said.

McCall says he wants his department to be as transparent as they can be with their residents.

"Is there things that we are doing that we need to improve, that they see, to let us know, we always need eyes and ears out there, not only to help us combat the criminal side but to also improve our service for them," McCall said.

The chief also hopes to continue to grow his department by hopefully adding 90 officers by October. They currently have nearly a dozen in training right now.