Family, Friends Say Goodbye to Sheriff Royce "Booger" Pruit

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

GARDEN CITY - On Thursday, the body of Sheriff Royce "Booger" Pruit was laid to rest, the farewell was given by family, friends and by local law enforcement.  It seemed like the entire town of Garden City attended the funeral for the late Sheriff Pruit.

At times people would shed a tear or two, but most people had a smile on their face thinking of the memories they made with Sheriff Pruit.

"His nickname for me was "Trouble" of course that was in a loving way," longtime friend, Charlene Belew, said.

Hardy Wilkerson is the County District Attorney for Glasscock County, he knew the Sheriff for 20 years, and says as a Sheriff, he took a different approach and handled each situation in his own way.

"A lot of times when someone would stub their toe or do something wrong, the Sheriff took more of a hometown view on things and handled things in his own way, most of the time that worked out better than what we could have done in court," Wilkerson said.

Charlene Belew knew the Sheriff nearly all her life, she says as a teenager he would counsel her on some of her decisions, and says she instills what she learned from Sheriff Pruit to her own children.

"He would make us feel good about our choices, he would talk to us about them and say,          instead of that you should have done this and next time that's what I want to see from you, so I think that's something that I have taken through with my own kids," Belew said.

Wilkerson says he wants people to always remember Sheriff Pruit for his love and compassion towards others and the many years of service he provided Glasscock County.

"He was an institution but it wasn't a harsh institution, it wasn't unyielding, he was kind and a gentle man who had wisdom from those years and that wisdom and that compassion needs to be carried on," Wilkerson said

The overall feeling here was that no one will ever live up to the legacy left behind by Sheriff Pruit.